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Why Choose Cloud365 Australia

Australian Owned and Operated
Local staff committed to Australian customers.
No off-shoring, no overseas call centres, no disruptive maintenance during Australian business hours.
Outcome Focused
Expert technical staff who are passionate about the success of our customers. If issues arise, we provide round-the-clock support until resolved.
Tailored Services
We customise solutions and services to meet our customer's requirements.
No cookie-cutters, no fitting customer requirements to standard services.
Best In-Class Infrastructure
Purpose-built infrasructure and networks using leading vendor equipment and software including our key partners HP, IBM and Cisco.
Essentials Included
Backups, monitoring, intrusion detection, security services and technical suppport included.
Cost Effective
Services delivered locally, often 50% less cost than overseas providers. Customers never fund an 'eco system' for other customers.

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